The first restaurant of the “La Beer Int” chain of beer restaurants opened its doors to customers in the fall of 2003, and quickly became the favorite place of the people of Yerevan, the guests of the capital.

The purpose of establishing the restaurant was to create a place where customers who want to just drink a glass of beer, those who want to spend time with a rich menu  in a classic restaurant with a high quality service, which will offer a wide range of kraft beers, will feel equally comfortable. .

We are especially proud of the system of beer taps with counters installed in all the restaurants of the “La Beer Int” beer restaurant chain, which is almost unparalleled in the world. This allows customers to have any amount (at least 1 gram) of cold, fresh beer on the table at any time, without contacting the restaurant staff. The creation of such a system is the result of the long-term work of the founders “a number of specialists”.

Today, all the restaurants of “La Beer Int” chain of beer restaurants are public catering places with a diverse menu of Caucasian-European cuisines, a wide range of kraft beers, modern “comfortable interior”, furnished, always on time.

Currently, La Beer Int beer chain has 3 restaurants, two of which are in Yerevan and one in Moscow, Russia.


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