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MYSTERY PARTYGOING is a tool used by companies in the nightlife industry to measure service quality, compliance and obtain insight on products and services. We don’t just supply data or tick-boxing exercises. We work with you and your team to interpret the results and outline actions to enable your business to continuously improve.

Mystery Partygoing is a hugely versatile tool, not only is it an objective way of measuring business performance throughout various channels, it also provides the insight into the customer experience and is also the solution to improving it.



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How It Works

The three main stages of our Mystery Partygoing service


The first step is to pinpoint the problems targeted to improve through our mystery partygoing services. Our team will develop a plan targeting the assessment of the required channels, present to the client, fine-tune details and proceed to the Second stage.


The plan implementation phase includes our mystery partygoer performing visits to the business and filling assessment data for reporting. This phase will also include assessing communication channels, such as direct calls, social media, email, website, mobile application etc.


Our final report presents a detailed insight on all the findings of our mystery partygoers and communication experts. Our report will measure the business performance and customer experience, along with providing solution recommendations.

It's Not Just PartyGoing​

Our customer experience assessments are used across a wide range of industries


Mystery Drivers can assess pricing, maintenance services, rental/hire services, repair services, sales, management...


Mystery Clients can assess your management and sales team communication skills & quality in B2B meetings...


Mystery Customers can assess almost every aspect of your communication based business, from meeting till end result...


Mystery Students or Families can attend your School, University or College to assess their overall experience...


Mystery Customers can visit your venue and assess the staff behavior, the services provided, the products sold and the overall experience...


Mystery Customers can assess the overall experience in your financial institution, from customer service, opening accounts, information request...

Food & Beverage

Mystery Diners can visit your restaurant, bar or cafe to assess staff behavior, food and service quality, service speed, ambience, hygiene...


Mystery Residents can assess their overall experience within governmental institutions, from communication, service, requests to results and solutions...

Health Care

Mystery Patients can attend hospitals, clinics and medical stores to assess healthcare services, staff behaviors, emergency responses...


Mystery Customers can visit your hotel, guest house, hostel or resort to assess everything from checking in to checking out...

Retail Stores

Mystery Shoppers visit your store(s) or shop online through web/app or social media to assess the overall shopping experience.


Mystery Customers will visit or contact you to request services and assess everything from communication, service quality, customer satisfaction...


Mystery Tourists can participate in tours within Armenia and assess the overall experience...


Mystery Passengers ride the bus, taxis, trains, metro... and report back on their overall experiences...


Mystery Citizens assess various Utility companies customer services, along with applying for utilities, repair services...

Assessment Channels

Our team of professionals will assess interactions on the following channels

Face to Face

Mystery Partygoers will visit your business location(s), where they carry out an assessment based on the pre-planned objectives.


Mystery Partygoers will call portraying particular scenarios to determine if the content and quality of the answers fit the company standards.

Social Media

Mystery Partygoers send messages portraying particular scenarios to determine if the content and speed of responses fit the company standards.


Mystery Partygoers will provide valuable insight on shopping on your website and online communication with customer service personnel.

Mobile Application

Mystery Partygoers will provide valuable insight on using your mobile application and online communication with customer service personnel.


Mystery Partygoers will make email enquiries to the contact team and track response times, content of replies and the complete customer experience.

Mystery Partygoing Service

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