Genacvale tavern located in Kievyan 7opened in 2007 and thank to years of hard work it enjoys the love and trust of our citizens and tourists. Being the first to represent Georgian cuisine, Genacvale had a huge contribution to the popularization of Georgian cuisine in Yerevan. Genacvale tavern invites lovers of Georgian cuisine to taste the delicious dishes prepared by specialists who have arrived from Georgia. Here you can find warm Caucasian atmosphere, live folk music, two halls for general banquets and two private rooms for 6-8 persons. Since the first day of the opening of the tavern, Kievyan Street was embellished with a statue. A few days later the statue was stolen, but thanks to the help of the public it was returned soon and now continues to decorate the entry of the tavern and is the only statue on Kievyan Street. We are open every day from 10:00-24:00.


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