Until recently, the question “Where should we go tonight?” was rising mainly not because of a large selection of leisure spots, but due to lack of such. Now, people in Yerevan have the opportunity to choose amongst dozens of comfortable coffee shops, bars with dimmed lights, and burning clubs. It’s been already a long time that the club bar with the simple yet expressive name “Friends” has been opened at the 49 Pushkin str. This name was given to the bar by its owners, three school-time friends who after plenty of time spent out hanging around the bars in the city, had decided that owning one sounds much better rather than searching shortcomings in already running ones. Soon after, the joint efforts of these friends led them to become a part of the leisure business of Armenia. Now quite a few people gather up at the bar, and even when the bar is crowded with smokers the air still remains fresh: the bar is one of the unique places in Yerevan that took care of having a sufficient ventilation system. The owners made all the reconstruction and design at the bar and were personally involved in furnishing the place in western style. The prices here are “friendly” as well The music at the bar is mainly soft rock, folk, and blues. At least once a week the guest of the bar will witness an exclusive live performance of bands playing outstanding blues and all-time rock hits. The bar is also famous for Latino dance parties where you can enjoy hot Latin rhythms a the guidance of instructors who are there to teach you as you dance. The bar is divided into two halls: in the first hall, the visitors can play darts and enjoy conversations with friends sitting on comfortable couches or they can enter into the second hall and sit on bar stools. By the way, there are only stools and high counter alike tables in the hall making casual conversations and movements comfy. The bar has free wifi access. The yellowish walls and warm pictures on the walls make this place a “best-place-to-go” after a long or exhausting workday or classes, where you can get your beer in chilled glasses have small snacks. Friends bar believes it is the right place to meet old friends and make new friendships. This obviously happens occasionally in Yerevan, and in the bar with such a name, it has more chances to happen. Yes, and don’t forget to ask the barman for a Friends-invented cocktail, this is what you would never find elsewhere.


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