Description is a generative music visualization platform that empowers music creators to make highly customizable sound-reactive visualizations based on deep music analysis.

  • 350+ unique visualization templates
  • 11 layers of music analysis
  • Customizable features
  • Up to 8K resolution‘s visualizations are fully synchronized with the audio and reflect the loudness, frequency spectrum, and rhythm of the music.

Due to its customizable resolution, visuals rendered on can fit the video frame format of any social media platform and any non-standard LED screen during offline performances.

Our generative audio animation templates are based on complex math and coding, making them as unique as NFTs. Creators can present their music in the world of NFT, Metaverse, and other virtual worlds.

What’s more…

Real-Time Visualization technology:

Due to unique technology, the visualizations will react to the music played on the stage in real-time, with the same depth of music analysis and a perfect reflection of sound properties. is on its mission to bring more value to music creators through innovative and easy solutions.

doodooc – let the audience see your music!

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